What ails you? Nothing a little hot whiskey won’t cure.

Back in my sporting days, I used hit the ski slopes occasionally, and at times I very nearly enjoyed it. Unfortunately there were a few incidents – a run in with some ski-wees (NOT my fault), several round trips on the lift (one gets to talking and sharing a nip…), and that final, unforgettable run down the Grand Prix trail and straight through the lodge. These things happen.

In any case, it’s been some time since I hung up my skis, well actually set fire to them in a fit of pique, but that’s a story for another day. Nonetheless, there are certain trappings of the sport for which I maintain a girlish enthusiasm. I’m talking, of course, about furry après-ski boots, lodge bars and hot whiskey.

We used to ski with a bunch of Irish friends back in the day, and it was from them I learned how to make this wonderful drink/miracle drug. It’s cures everything from snakebite to a runny nose to a broken leg. If it doesn’t cure you, the combination of boiling water and Irish whiskey renders you too pleasantly inebriated to really give a shite. And of course the fresh citrus makes it what we call a health drink in my house. Trust me, you’ll never gag down a lid full of NyQuil again. Not unless the liquor cabinet’s empty anyway.

So here you go.

Hot Whiskey

  • Take an eighth of a fresh lemon and stick three or four whole cloves in it.
  • Drop the lemon in a mug (Tea cup? you ask. No. A big ass mug.)
  • Add Irish whiskey (never Scotch or bourbon). I like a double shot of Jameson, but have been known to add a triple or substitute Black Bush in an emergency.
  • Fill with boiling water.
  • Some sissies I know also put honey in, but I reserve this for sore throat cures only.

Climb into bed and sip until Mr. Sandman comes ‘a calling, you pass out, or both.

About WSW

Writer, wife, mother. Toiler in the bottomless, black, soul-sucking coal mine of domestic life. Thank God for the portable bar.

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  1. I just wrote this down. Tonight I need a little remedy because the cop’s funeral I watched today messed with my inflamed sinuses and my psyche…and I’m Irish, though for that there is no cure.

  2. wow. This…Is….Awesome

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