Get your pie on!

Gorgeous Gruyère

Over at Phill’s blog, there’s a recipe for potato, cheese and onion pie that elevates my pedestrian potato gratin to an art form. Don’t be fooled by the straightforward name, it’s a gorgeous, glorious gourmet treat. (For those of you cooking on this side of the pond, 200 degrees C is equal to 392 F, but I think you could safely set your oven to 400.)  And if you need a little tech support on making pie crust, I’m happy to provide it.

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  1. As soon as I’m eating starchy carbs again, I’ll check it out. I remember potatoes. Fondly. Very fondly. Sigh.

  2. No, it’s kind of a minimalist approach. If you’re up for a challenge, just extrapolate from my recipe and make a pie crust for a regular size pie.

  3. the_first_robin

    Did I miss the place where quantities are given?

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