What’s more important than food? BASEBALL!

Courtesy redsoxvsyankees.adamwlad.com and Miss Alex Rodriguez.

We interrupt this blog to bring you a special program in observance of this, the most anticipated day of the winter of 2011-12. That’s right folks, the trucks have rolled into Ft. Meyers, and pitchers and catchers report today. In just four days, the rest of the party arrives and we can once again look forward to Yankee ass-kicking, Sweet Caroline and Fenway franks, just the way you like ’em — steamed in dirty water and slathered with Gulden’s mustard. After last season’s epic flameout, the crashing disappointment of the Superbowl and with the Celts struggling to stay at .500, we could use a reason to be cheerful. Let’s hope Bobby V is it.

Say it with me people. “Yankees suck.” Feels good, doesn’t it?

And so another season begins.

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  1. Maybe you should send your Bosux your fabulous crock pot chicken recipe. Then they might be able to focus on the games this year (though I’m not sure how to pull them away from drowning their sorrows in beer). We’ll see who stands where in October, Slattern!

    • My Sox seem to find chicken distracting, if the papers are to be believed. But I have as much faith in my boys as you do yours. See you in the post season, Jen!

  2. Oh yes baseball season…always a great sign that spring, summer, and the sites/sounds of the ballpark are on their way.

    Being a baseball lover you might enjoy this post I did last year: http://sports-glutton.com/2011/03/30/the-sandlot-as-it-stands-today/

  3. I used to live in Fort Myers, so I was able to catch a few games.

    I remember when the city built that, and all the teams thought it was so ugly no one wanted to play in it. 🙂

  4. Bobby V’s Sports Gallery and Cafe (aka bah in Southie) is just a stones throw away. We’ve got a new home!

    “Pedroia looks to be in great shape and has trimmed down a bit. It didn’t take him long to hit the batting cage, but before going out he said, “Hey, media. I knew I smelled something. . . I’m jacked.”

    Me too Pedey!

  5. Ahh yes, the time of year when I once again become a baseball widow. I also have to deal with finding my husband softly crying in a corner in the fetal position because of his emotionally abusive relationship with the Washington Nationals. They just keep crushing his soul and I can’t convince him to leave. So sad.

    • Ah the endless, unbreakable cycle of abuse. Sad really, but you’ve got to admire a Nats fan for sheer stubbornness and intestinal fortitude. It could be worse — he could follow the Orioles.

  6. It has been a long winter without baseball. The Patriots broke our hearts and the Celtics never got out of the gate. Bring on those Fenway franks and cold beer!

  7. I have never watched a game but The Red Sox owner bought my football team (soccer) Liverpool, so they have my allegances

    • You will not regret it. Welcome to the Red Sox Nation! For what it’s worth, we’re all Liverpool fans now.

      • Really! That’s quite exciting. This Sunday, 4pm UK time, Liverpool are in the final of the League Cup against Cardiff. Liverpool easy favourties, first final of the season (least important cup but it’s good enough for me)

        • As the parent of a bad-ass sweeper, I love nothing more than settling in for a game with a preference as to who wins. My husband doesn’t follow sports as closely as I do, but he favors Liverpool out of a sense of Beatles nostalgia. On the off chance we get the game on TV, the Slattern family will be there.

  8. Judging from the news coverage of the beginnings of spring training (when even the convoy of equipment trucks made the highlight reel)there is absolutely nothing more important than baseball.

  9. I hope the baseball season is great. I have to support my Texas teams but I love Boston.

  10. At the risk of alienating my gf, I have to say this is hilarious. Don’t tell her I said so.

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