Roasted Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

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Traveling hindered me from posting a gluttonous recipe last week, but we’re back on schedule this week with a healthier alternative of that old favorite Mac & Cheese.  As with any mac & cheese recipe this one couldn’t be simpler: prepare a few items, toss em all in a pot, and stir.  However, it’s the subtle nuances of herbs, the slight amount of heat from cayenne, and the combination of Montegrappa cheese* and roasted butternut squash that sets this mac & cheese recipe apart anything out of a box.

Read more and get the recipe.

Note from KS: In addition to providing all manner of sporty updates, the Sports Glutton is a serious cook!  This recipe takes mac and cheese to new and previously un-dreamt of heights. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. If you’re pressed for time, you could substitute frozen squash, but really fresh is so much better. Ideal for a company meal or a kitchen supper. Well done, Glutton!

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  1. Made this Mac and Cheese on Saturday and even with a couple of substitutions, it turned out great. Even learned how to make creme fraiche in the process! Which is now happily thickening on the back of my stove for my next culinary adventure.

  2. Thanks for the repost and love Wendie!

  3. That sounds delicious. I know what I’m making soon!

  4. I was at a buffet dinner the other night and everyone would look down the row of food and see the mac and cheese. Delight would feel their eyes. This has to be a topper on the list of comfort foods.

  5. I’m trying to diet, you! Now I will be dreaming of mac and cheese for the rest of the day.

    • Blame the Sports Glutton. And welcome to my world.

      • Am making homemade chicken soup instead. Used the carcass (the one I smothered in mayo before roasting last night) to make the stock. Way too much work for way too little broth. It’s practically all I’ve done all day – and I still had to pour in an entire box of chicken broth to make the actual soup, which is now simmering in the crock pot. Please Kitchen Slattern…is there a shortcut?

        • If you cook the bird in the crock pot according to my recipe, it should make enough drippings for the basis of a tasty soup (though that mayonnaise business is just…well, let’s move on).

          Last night, after we ate most of the bird I prepared in the crockpot, I just threw the carcass back in the pot with the drippings, celery and onions that were left in the crock, filled it with water and a couple of bay leaves and let it go overnight.

          The next morning I had stock. I skimmed off the fat, strained the stock and poured it back in the crock with a good 1/4 cup of tomato paste, salt and pepper to taste, chopped carrots, onions, celery and potatoes and cranked the crock up to high for several more hours til the vegs were cooked through.

          Next I added the leftover chicken, a can of drained red beans, some frozen corn and peas and let it sit til dinner time. Good to go.

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