The Mighty Almond

Courtesy (With a name like that, who could resist?)

Meet my new best friend, the roasted almond. This has replaced my old best friend, Mr. Chocolate Croissant, as well as his often-present bestie, Mr. Eggs Benedict, at the breakfast table, and while I cannot say I don’t miss the dynamic duo, I am at least getting by with the replacement.

Having recently sent the bathroom scale into hyperdrive, I am, as you may recall, walking a straighter path dietically speaking. It’s either that or replace an entire, carefully-curated summer wardrobe with items from the tactfully-named “Women’s” department at Bloomingdales, a prospect so horrifying that giving cinnamon toast a pass pales in comparison.

Now I’m a great believer in the breakfast-is-the-most-important-meal-of-the-day philosophy. I’d be lying, however, if I said finding a satisfying low-carb option is easy. Yes, I like eggs, and they certainly lend themselves to the morning meal, though the prospect of a poached egg without a big crusty baguette leaves me less than thrilled. I mean, what are you going to do with all that yolk if you have no bread? So I scramble, hard boil or make a spinach omelet and call it good.

Some days, though, you really want a little crunch to start your day, don’t you? This is where the almond comes in. Now, I find raw almonds about as compelling as a rainy Tuesday night with the inlaws, but the roasted version is another story altogether. They actually have flavor, enough in fact that they don’t really need salt. This is helpful because I often find that after a big salt binge, I’m strongly inclined toward a big sugar binge, which is not helpful in trying to lower the reading on the scales. Of course, the salted dark chocolate covered caramel neatly addresses both needs, and as such appears at first glance to be the perfect food, but self delusion mixed with rationalization serves no one, except maybe members of the Real Housewives franchises, but that’s a post for another day.

Friday breakfast -- not so bad, is it?

So anyways…where was I? Oh yes, breakfast. So here’s my recommendation for a quick, uncooked breakfast that will linger until lunchtime: 2% Greek yogurt (plain in my case, but if you’re not counting calories, try the Greek Gods honey flavor — it is beyond delicious) with seasonal berries and chopped almonds. The nuts satisfy in much the same way granola does and the berries add enough sweetness to keep you from wanting to open a vein, at least not until the afternoon tuna salad plate arrives.

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  1. I huge believer in almonds as well and they’re good the the heart. Part of my daily snack “gluttonous” diet. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend my friend!

  2. I’ve taken to having a breakfast of roasted nuts (almonds or pistachios), cheese, crackers, and grapes. It’s seriosuly the breakfast of champions for people who can’t do carbs. I actually can’t have carbs for breakfast. If I do my blood sugar crashes about an hour later and I go on a glucose induced bznatch rampage. It’s best for everyone that I have protein in the morning.

  3. Now that actually looks good. And sounds reasonable. Believe it or not, I was looking for a substitute to add to my Greek yogurt. I tried flax flour and ended up with paste. I did lose some weight as it took a few days to separate my upper and lower palate, but since I like to talk as much as I enjoy blogging, this was not a good permanent solution. Toasted almonds are tasty…you’ve sold me Kitchen Slattern. Perhaps I should make you a button bracelet to go with your necklace?

  4. Chiming in with the walnut idea, I recommend oatmeal with broken up walnuts and dried sour cherries (took an earlier slattern hint). You only need a few, because the flavor is intense, and they are way more fun than raisins.

    • I think you know where I stand on walnuts, but if you can choke ’em down, good on you. Cherries, however, are divine in oatmeal…or chocolate cake, or brownies. Oh God shoot me now.

  5. Oh Yum. Your pic looks more like seasonal berries with yogurt and chopped almonds. Which, to me, sounds even better! 🙂

  6. I too have kicked Mr.s E.B and C.C to the curb. They were just toying with me anyway. I like your breakfast option and sometimes cheat on almonds with walnuts. You have to keep your options open.

    • My relationship with EB and CC had progressed so far past the toying stage that we’d have needed a license and a ring if it had gone any further.

  7. Breakfast sounds excellent. Though I wind up eating roasted almonds by the handful. For the egg fix I tried Egg Beaters, they’re okay. My main problem is I love salty/sweet and will justify washing them down with Coke or Pepsi for breakfast.

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