The Bitch is Back

Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen

Capsule Review: Oh God, make it stop!


If you’re like me, you probably wonder what would happen if Pee Wee Herman married Snookie, they had a baby and then they set up housekeeping. On Riker’s Island. Well tax your brain no further; I have the answer. They’d have named the offspring Nadia G and you’d be watching her on Bitchin’ Kitchen.

Now, I get it. She’s a comedienne and a chef, she cooks in stilettos (gasp!) and has a zany cast of characters. Sound familiar? But the show’s on the Cooking Channel, and holy good God, how can you even begin to pay attention to what she’s cooking (cookin’?) with all that adenoidal yammering, scenery chewing and gesticulating going on all at once? Makes me feel like I’m having a grand mal seizure after about forty seconds. And it’s not even funny.

My advice: mix yourself a margarita and stick with Pee Wee, the original and still the best.

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  1. Haha. I really cant stand her. She always has her show come on before the ReallY GOOD shows like iron chef, etc.

    • That’s so true — she’s like the shitty warm-up bands you have to endure before the name act comes on. Thank you for today’s epiphany. Found your site through taufublog — looking forward to reading more!

      • haha…she IS like those damn warm-up bands or crappy comics that try to get the crowd excited. haha
        Thanks for reading Fed Up…remember: Stay Fed Up, stay fed well!

  2. Cooks shouldn’t be funny…unless they are you.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio

    Those padded cupboards are hideous. Ah, to be blonde, big breasted, and stupid…

  4. Curse Food Network UK only drip feeding me chefs. I’m missing loads of Blog Post fodder

  5. I was actually gonna name my blog that until I found out that it was being used already. I not only wanna punch her for stealing my blog name.. but I also wanna punch her because she uses that fake accent and isn’t very funny.

  6. I KNOW! It is worse than Sandra. I mean I guess that is talent. Someone who can actually think up a personality worse than hers. I just don’t get it. And I REALLY don’t get how it is still on the air.

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