You can’t eat those things, can you, Thurston?

Candied violets are the Necco Wafers of the overbred.

~Fran Lebowitz, Metropolitan Life

Grannie’s candied violets courtesy eG Forums.

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  1. So what are the Necco Wafers of the underbred? And don’t say, “Pez.”

  2. I tried to do make these delicate little sugared violets once…totally blew my serenity and I ended up swearing like a sailor. Over violets, for Christssake.

  3. Candied violets belong with gold foil on food. Violets are flowers, not a garnish. Gold is to be used to puchase things, like cakes without candied violets.

  4. Overbred?! Do you know who my father is?!

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