Whyfor the Pantry, Readers?

This has been bugging me for some weeks now, and since I’m currently experiencing writer’s block that will probably require a six hour subway ride, an extended shamble through Times Square and half a gallon of vodka to clear, I figured I’d bring it up. I hope you don’t mind.

As I look through the stats for my tatty little corner of the interwebs, I frequently take note of which posts garner the most attention, or “hits” as those of us with great technical expertise call them. Almost invariably, this post is at or near the top of the list.

Not a bad effort really, but hardly a candidate for the Hit Parade.

Now, when I wrote it way back in November of last year, nobody read it. I mean no one. Yet somehow it manages to attract multiple views on a regular basis, and for the life of me I can’t understand why.

Lots of people, and by that I mean a handful which is a lot by my standards, also take a look at a post I wrote about the perils and pleasures pink wine. That I can fathom. It was actually kind of funny and since we’ve become a nation of oenophiles (or filthy drunks as my Grammie Sue used to say), I can understand the interest. This post appeared about the same time as the pantry one, so maybe there’s some kind of unholy alliance happening between them. Or maybe it’s just a random event.

Catchy title, to be sure, but whence the appeal?

So anyways, if you can shed any light on this pantry business, I’d be most grateful. Whatever I did with that post, I’d like to start repeating it, so as to turn my little essay mosh pit into, if not a moneymaking effort, at least a break even proposition.

About WSW

Writer, wife, mother. Toiler in the bottomless, black, soul-sucking coal mine of domestic life. Thank God for the portable bar.

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  1. Anything with labeled canisters and a reference to Lowes is golden. I wrote a blog about a truly absurd My Little Pony Party that I threw when my son turned 20 and it gets repinned on a regular basis by unsuspecting mommies on Pinterest.

  2. It is interesting how some older posts become popular. What search terms did people use to find your posts, anyway? It may have something to do with the way we tag our posts?

    People have found my posts through search terms like, “grandma pee”, “cream pony”, “hooker no notify window dragon speak”. Obviously, I should change my blog title to lostnfettishland.

  3. I think I can. I am experiencing the same thing. I believe that, over time, your posts start showing up higher in the rankings on yahoo and google. It can take several months. Suddenly, some of my oldest and least popular posts are popping up as having been read by a significant readership. I notice I don’t receive a lot of comments on these older posts, though. Do you?

    • None. Apparently when people think they’re going to get lots of enlightening cabinet info, but stumble upon a drunken rampage instead, they feel rather disappointed. Go figure.

  4. Drank countless bottles of Mateus on holiday last week. Dirt cheap, it did the job

  5. If you figure out the whims of the internet and decipher what makes for a great blog post, you can then blog about it. And then the winds/whims will change and no one will read it! Go figure.

  6. Here’s my theory: We’re in severe weather season in the Southeast–hurricanes and tornados abound. Every news outlet reminds people living in this region to keep their pantries stocked in case of emergency. People search for “pantry” and come you looking for advice on surviving severe weather with just a tin of beans and a manual can opener.

  7. Can’t help you because I have head-scratching questions myself about the posts that garner the most views. Also why does Googling ‘men in rubber suits’ invariably lead to me?

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