The best music you’ve never heard #3

Support your local bar band

Some guys in Hamburg.
Courtesy Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Back in the day, Mr. Slattern used to play rockabilly guitar in all manner of disreputable bars in and around the city, and I won’t lie, I spent many happy hours on bar stools in those same venues tossing back cocktails and bopping the blues with his various bands, combos and ensembles. Before he moved on to other instruments and styles, my better (and more musical) half played with lots of ridiculously talented folks, such as front man, novelist and Han Solo lookalike Steve Szilagyi, the lovely Edith Frost, New Orleans’ own Lenny Zenith, and  Phil Hummer when he was backed by the Roadhouse Romeos. Though Steve has traded his guitar for a pen, the rest are still producing great music, and I cannot urge you strongly enough to investigate their websites and acquire their CDs.

Not convinced? Check out Phil Hummer. This video was shot in 1997 (not 77 as indicated) and features Mr. Slattern on guitar, which is why I chose it over more recent video of Phil and his current band, the White Falcons, though they are certainly churning out some mighty fine music down there in Nashville.

All these folks are worth listening to, as are thousands of musicians out gigging in your local bars, auditoriums and streets. There’s a world of live music just waiting to be discovered. Get out and give it a listen, why don’t ya’?

Happy Birthday, Mr. S! 


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Writer, wife, mother. Toiler in the bottomless, black, soul-sucking coal mine of domestic life. Thank God for the portable bar.

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  1. You married a rock star? Your street cred just shot through the roof. I love blues. It goes very well with comfort foods and beer.

  2. I wish I could get out and listen to all that great music waiting our there. Since there’s no stashing the kids several times a month I depend on a much younger brother to keep me informed.

  3. Hey thanks Google Alerts, nice to read. Say hi to the Mr. for me!!

  4. Video was good, a throwback to my bar days. Who’s that band in the photo at the top of your blog. Just foolin’ they’re The Dave Clark Four.

  5. I’m all about supporting my local bar bands. In fact, I’d rather go to a concert in a smaller venue where I can sit at a table and have a drink then stand in a huge crowd or ampitheater!

  6. WHAT?? You’re suggesting there are great musical artists out there beyond the famous and fashionable?? That’s crazy talk. Crazy talk, I tells ya. Everyone knows that you become instantly famous and wealthy based on your talent.

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