Prancercise me! Wow. How did I miss this?

Okay, I realize you have probably already seen this Prancercise workout video. It’s got five million hits on YouTube (I can personally account for at least three dozen), and its viralization has been endlessly covered from the Today Show to the HuffPo. But I have got to say that this is the weirdest shit I have seen (outside a lock-down ward) in a very long time, and I would be remiss if I didn’t point it out to you on the off chance it had escaped your notice.

Remember that weird kid in first grade who ate paste? I think we’ve finally found out what became of her.

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  1. Let it never be said that you can’t rock a wig, a sweater set and a camel toe in the name of fitness.

  2. I haven’t seen this and I’m not sure I want to see it again. Seriously was she on shrooms when this was filmed? Gutsy to be doing this on a golf course though. If I was there I’d be aiming for her head instead of the fairway.

    A change in outfits would be recommended too.

  3. unfetteredbs

    Oh my word!!! Haaa how ridiculous

  4. Oh my achin’ shin splints. This woman scares the crap outta me but I think the soundtrack might have a chance. Do they have elevators in Florida?

  5. Now I’m going to have to totally rethink my jewelry choices when I exercise.

  6. OMG that is too funny, thanks for sharing as I would definitely have missed it.

  7. Kenton Lewis

    My life has been changed forever. I think she already has a Gospel album and is the featured performer at Preacher Bob’s Revival Review.

  8. John, i thought she was wearing a codpiece, which would be especially weird.
    As for eating the paste, well her aim wasn’t too good. Most of it ended up in her hair.
    And can someone tell her to get the footpath fixed? She’ll bust an ankle sooner or later.

    • I believe she’s in a public park. Much of Florida, in my experience, looks like that. Actually I think it’s the perfect setting for this kind of activity — deserted but for the odd serial killer, cannibal and bath salts sniffer, all of whom would be too frightened by the spectacle of Mrs Paste and her prancing to mess with her. Giddyup!

  9. KS, you are seriously trying to drive me batshit crazy. I’ve avoided that video every time it showed somewhere on the net. First the weights aren’t heavy enough and there’s no deep water around. If she has kids I know where they show up, on those annoying Allstate Insurance ads where some guy asks kids if it’s better to be fast or slow rich or poor.. the little spawn toe the party line and pick the morally wrong one. In re camel toe: really don’t want to go there, ever, not ever.

  10. Wendie, you know I’m in China right now. I might get locked up for watching this kind of thing.

  11. gotta love the camel toe

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