Johnny Rotten critiques Katy Perry. Really.

File this under, “Holy shite, what next?”

I just love the part when he calls her father a “skinhead priest.” Not that he isn’t right, but still, you’d really have to tack hard to crazy to be called a “nutter” by  Johnny Rotten — even a late model, dentally augmented, marginally less psychotic Johnny Rotten. Of course, at this point, it’s a miracle he can even string a sentence together, let alone follow anything as complex as a Katy Perry video. If you don’t believe me, take a look at what he got up to in ’78. Just in case you aren’t familiar with Mr. Rotten’s oeuvre, he’s the only who is one not, musically speaking, wailing on either an instrument or an audience member. Singing is what you might call it, but then again, maybe not.

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  1. Johnny Rotten was a genius even if he, like the rest of us, was totally taken in by Vivien Westwood and the Svengaliesque Malcom McLaren flogging clothes for their shop ‘Sex.’
    Shouting, swearing, screaming, gobbing. An iconoclast.
    Now he advertises butter on British television. How the mighty have fallen.

  2. Hi Wendie, Johnny Rotten is a perfect critic for Katy Perry. He knows what it’s like to be hotter than anything and a Who? the next. Sorry. had to pull the rice off the burner and check the chicken. Katy will pass and somebody will replace her and one day she’ll be reviewing a video by the next pop twinkie.

  3. Maybe Johnny R came onto Katy too strong once and she rejected him.

    But you have to admit, growing up in that environment, you have to appreciate how “normal” Katy really is.

    • Can you imagine what the old man must have looked like twenty years ago? The mind boggles, the soul shudders and the sphincter puckers ever so slightly at the thought.

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