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All about the spices, Dahling

I don't need pepper! Where the f**k is my summer savory?

Does your spice rack drive you crazy? Are you oppressed by the chaos in your drawers? Driven to distraction by the duplications and depredations of fifty different jars in as many different sizes?

Perfectly good wine storage space. Wasted.

Are you sick of looking at the ugly wall rack you hung in desperation ten years ago? You know, the one that’s full of mismatched jars and nothing you need, and that makes you walk on your toenails every freaking time you catch sight of it.

Well, have I got the answer for you. These watchmaker cases from Lee Valley are perfect for storing and organizing your spices and keeping them to hand whenever you need them. Once you’ve filled them, you can just throw the back up spices in all their havoc inducing original packaging in a bin at the top of the cabinet you can’t reach!

No more rummaging through drawers or ransacking your pantry in search of just a teaspoon of marjoram for that savory and delicious beef stew you’re making. Just grab your cases and go. (Mine are organized alphabetically. You’ll need to identify yours, so get ready to crank up that label maker, gals!)

Yes yes, I hear you. It’s all a tad Martha, and truth be told, I may have first spotted these in her magazine. But being a slattern is all about fast and easy, and these make it possible to be both at the same time. And as an added bonus, a full spice rack is entirely portable when it’s time to pack up your negligee and get away to your tastefully appointed country home for a little leisurely entertaining, or a cozy family meal.

Charred Remains


You cook something and make a mess — the potatoes boil dry while you’re busy checking email, the barbecue sauce on the chicken carbonizes when you turn on the broiler, you are carmelizing something for reasons best known to yourself and it just gets away from you…whatever.

Does any of it mean you have to stand over the sink with a scraper and a brillo pad, ruining your manicure and breaking a sweat in the process? Absolutely not!  Once the smoke clears, just pour some dishwasher detergent into the fouled vessel, fill with hot water, cross to the portable bar, mix a drink and walk away. The next morning all that gunk should be loose and ready to be sluiced down the disposal.

If this doesn’t work, throw the pan in the trash and next time consider drinking a little less til the burners are turned off. Just a thought.

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