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Tuesday Satire: University No Name

Taking Innovation to the Nth Degree: University No Name

Newest campus building, Big Sur U. Via emdot at

If you want to stay abreast of the latest farcical trends in higher education and have a giggle or two in the process, checkout my latest satirical plonk at The Cronk. If you like it, feel free to let ‘em know.

Wednesday Satire: Bespoke Building

My muse, Bluto, courtesy idiotflashback.

Bespoke Building:
Downsizing endowments one brick at a time

Having recently logged some off-road miles during the college search process, I have a few thoughts about the current state of higher education in America, none of which one might describe as glowingly positive; however, I have chosen to take the high road of satire rather than the lower, easier path of the rant in airing my opinions. Happily, the good folks at the Cronk of Higher Education have agreed to feature one of my recent my scribblings, Bespoke Building. If you haven’t already discovered their whipcrack funny site, do toddle over at your first opportunity. The Cronk is to higher ed as The Onion is to Snookie — an SAT-worthy analogy if ever I endlessly drilled one in preparation for a completely meaningless test.

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