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Pumpkin Fisting: Fun for the whole family!

The marketing geniuses at 16 Handles promote squash-flavored ooze as “Fist Pumpkin” and invite the public to Size It!, Pull It! and Top It!. No, I am not kidding.

Tell me the truth. Is it me?

Fist pumpkinSo, the other night, Mr. Slattern and I passed the local 16 Handles outpost on the way home from a delightful dinner and movie date that featured the magical combination of George Clooney, brick oven pizza and at least half a dozen Aperol Spritzes — each. As you might imagine, we were in a pretty festive mood.  And so it was with some little merriment, and a fair bit of snorting, that we noted, and photographed, the  promotional campaign for the newest flavor of the fro-yo chain’s petroleum byproduct dessert food, which is apparently chockablock with “pumpkin goodness.”

The next morning, with a somewhat clearer head, I wondered whether the whole incident had been a mere figment of my imagination — a sort of Lost Weekend moment. But then I scrolled through my messages and came upon the evidence in the form of a snap taken by my better half, who somehow managed to hold his camera-phone steady while laughing uproariously with a not insignificant load on. Just a guy, but what a guy.

Anyways, getting back to the pumpkin sludge we are being invited to fist…oh forget it. You take my point by now I’m sure, and if you don’t, you’re probably better off. File it under “What were they thinking?” and try to salvage what little regard for the intelligence of the human race you have left is my advice.

Sportsmen, Guns and Money…and Votives

Behold the latest addition to the white-hot, uber-hip Downeast shopping scene. Who knew that outdoorsmen enjoyed swanking up their tents with the aroma of lavender and pumpkin spice? Or that they chased away that persistent campsite miasma of rancid Dinty Moore-induced gas, unwashed bodies and week-old Deet with the delicate fragrance of vanilla chai?


Or perhaps by “scented candle” they mean this?


Of course they do. What else makes sense?

Pumpkin Roll: Check it out!

Check out the Spatula Goddess’s recipe for pumpkin roll. I grew up on jelly roll, and this is a fabulous tweak on it. For those of you who aren’t entirely comfortable with baking, the directions are really clear and the photos will be a big help. What a great company dessert! Roll it up! Nicely done, Goddess.

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