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Nothing slurs “party” like a fine rum punch

Now that you’ve ordered that sleek ultra-modern punch bowl (or have managed to sneak Aunt Pearl’s out in your handbag) and are starting to draw up the list of invitees to your upcoming binge, you’re probably wondering what to fill the bowl with to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable evening, and by that I mean hazy recollections of behavior so egregious, untoward and shame inducing that they will never, ever be able to purge them from memory no matter how hard they try. I’m talking real long term counseling issues here. That’s the mark of a great party.

Well put down that bartender guide and toss off any thoughts of lemonade, ginger ale and whiskey with a big blob of lime sherbert floating in the middle. This concoction, sans hooch, was a favorite at family affairs of my youth, and let me tell you, it has taken years of talk therapy, pillow punching and psych meds – at times administered in a residential setting – to deal with that trauma, not to mention the lingering insulin flashbacks. But happily, here I am on the sunny side of wellness, ready to help you fill your holiday punch bowl with a real crowd pleaser: yup, rum punch. Read the rest of this entry

Here come the holidays! Time to dust off your punch bowl.

The gold standard for party success

For those of us who don’t have working fireplaces, the punch bowl is the friendly center of the holiday party. Here happy – and happier and happier – guests cluster while sipping festively colored punch from cute little cups, discussing the events of the day and generally getting acquainted before they eventually, and inevitably, hijack the iPod to play I Want Your Sex on an endless loop while groping their new found friends. Nothing spells party success like guests dancing on the table, vomiting into the rubber plant or warbling along with George Michael into the half-peeled cucumber ends they fished out of the garbage can. And for that, there’s nothing like a quart or so of inhibition-busting rocket fuel in the form of fruit-flavored strong drink freely ladled from a large bowl.

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