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Welcome to the monkey forest

Yo, Rob! If that gig as mayor doesn’t work out, and let’s be real, the possibility of your rather large derriere continuing to occupy Toronto’s mayoral desk chair seems remote at best just now, I hear the Dolphins might have some needs on the offensive line.


Separated at birth or merely hatched by the same devil spawn?

Call me crazy, but it looks like a match made in heaven as far as I can tell. Of course the NFL does require drug testing, but nobody in Miami seems to be too worried about employing utterly unhinged, foul-mouthed, hyper-aggressive, ranting rage balls. So if you can kick that little crack habit, Mr. Mayor, I think you’ll be golden. And really, in terms of climate, you’d be way ahead of the game.

And by the way, Richie, Torontonians seem to like a large side of crazy with their governance — you know, in the event football is no longer an option.  Just sayin’.

And you thought the Weiner/Spitzer situation was out of hand.

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