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Biscuits 101

courtesy LizMarie_AK on Flickr

To my way of thinking there’s not much that compares to the smell and taste of homemade biscuits hot from the oven. A simpler bread there never was, nor a more adaptable one. You can fill them or roll them up with sugar and cinnamon. You can serve them at any meal of the day, accompanied by butter, jam, honey or just bear naked; they never fail to please.

If you’ve got a big Kitchen Aid mixer or the like, it does the work for you, and if you’ve followed my advice and bought yourself a pastry mat, clean up is a breeze. So this is why it surprises me that those nasty baking mixes continue to line the supermarket shelves and can readily be found in homes across America. No one would make ’em if they didn’t sell.

And don’t even get me started on this abomination. He has creeped me out ever since I learned to spin the dial on the big Motorola floor model in Grammie Sue’s living room. That giggle, the fetal dough face, the neck scarf with no pants. Gives me a shudder just thinking about it. Always has. And if you’ve never taken a squint at the nutritional content (and I’m slinging the term nutritional around here with what can only be called reckless abandon) of Bisquick or the dough boy’s demon offspring, you really should. Nasty fats and sodium levels at least double what you find in scratch made biscuits.

Recipe follows

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Straighten up, you salty dogs!

Welcome to No Sodium Wednesday.


Today, I’m adding a new page to my site even though it’s starting to look like the inside of my underwear drawer (an overcrowded, crazed jumble of random cast-offs and mania-inducing clutter, which I suppose is also a pretty fair description of my mind, come to think of it), but I do this in the name of service to mankind. Really, I am all about selflessness, just ask me.

So here’s the thing: As I have mentioned in the past, some people are sensitive to salt and some are not. If you have high blood pressure, you need to deal with it, no question. Sodium is also a problem for people with kidney disease. One of the the simplest things you can do is cut back radically on sodium, though it’s easier said than done because it is in EVERYTHING (breakfast cereals, condiments, dairy items, processed foods, and restaurant meals to name but a few).

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Is it just me, or does this look as unappealing as it is unhealthy?

Roman Chicken, courtesy the Food Network

This is Giada De Laurentiis’s Roman Chicken, which the Food Network is touting as a “healthy choice,” presumably to pander to all those soon-to-be-blown New Year’s resolutions. Now, I assume the Food Network employs a passel of food stylists, cooks and photographers to ensure that each and every dish is shown to its best advantage, with maximum visual appeal, promising a party in your mouth. So how to account for this? Is it me, or does this look like it’s already been chewed and partially digested? Puzzling.

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