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Holiday Greetings from the Slattern Family!

courtesy Red Pepper Retro

Well it’s been another amazing year in the Slattern household, and as we prepare to welcome Christmas and ring in the New Year, I wanted to bring all our friends up to date with our many merry mix-ups and crazy goings-on.

As some of you may have heard, this year was a tad challenging, owing to Grandma’s conviction in April. Thankfully it was just “time served” and then home with the little ankle bracelet, which is no trouble at all. In fact, we love knowing where she is at all times! Then there was the unfortunate incident with Uncle Fred and his neighbor’s leaf blower over Columbus Day weekend. (Now that the sores have healed, Mr. Evans is a new man!) And finally there was some slight unpleasantness with the IRS, which I’m pleased to report is finally all sorted out. After eight hours in a tiny, overheated office with Mr. Slattern and myself, the nice agent told us we were free to go as long as we took the Pod with all our paperwork in it, Uncle Fred’s flowcharts and Uncle Fred himself with us. No tax fraud, just a misunderstanding after all! Read the rest of this entry

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