Ehi! Mateus Rosé!


Hey, Hey, Hey!

Just in case you were feeling insecure about your wine preferences in the face of overwhelming wine snobbery, and the now-ubiquitous $13 glass of restaurant Malbec, here’s a little evidence that even the Italians, who for all practical purposes invented wine, occasionally take a walk in the gutter.

I snapped this photo in a Rome grocery store back in March, and no, I didn’t buy any Mateus Rosé. I was in the market for a little Prosecco to accompany, well nothing really. Mr. Slattern and I were just in the mood for a glass or three of bubbly, but were too tired to go out to the local wine bar. We found exactly what we were looking for below the boxed wine and Mateus.

Interesting that this stuff is kept on the top shelf. Presumably it gives the reprobates who buy it a yoga-like stretch as they reach up. Now that’s a workout I can get behind!

What’s the takeaway? Drink what you like, folks. Screw top or box be damned. Va bene.

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  1. That day-glow green bottle is so inviting–like you’re drinking a bottle of skittles.

  2. Here here!! Whether you screw it, pop it, or pull it (you know the tops or corks) just drink the damn booze. 🙂

  3. $13 for a glass of wine! Blimey! I thought the UK was pricey! I can buy a decent bottle of Shiraz for under a fiver.

  4. I thought I had pretty much arrived when I figured out that “Mateus” didn’t rhyme with General “Patraeus.”

  5. Mateus should go well with the Cheetos cheese puffs, no?

  6. My dad owned a liquor store. Mateus used to come in kinda crockware bottles and was a go-to for those who got lost between Gallo and the imported stuff. PS: I studied wines as part of my education and still haven’t a clue except for Poully Fousse and Ripple.

  7. That brings me back. What a weird, almost unintentional effervescence Mateus has. I could go for a good Mateus bender right now.

  8. I was born and raised in England and used to drink Mateus Rose quite frequently. I bought a bottle at Christmas for daughter to try, but she didn’t drink it, so of course not be wasteful I did. I have to say I didn’t really care for it, like I used too.

    • I cannot tell you how often I’ve been undone by taking a waste-not-want-not line with leftover liquor. When I was in college, we drank Blue Nun. Remember that? Worst hangovers of my life.

      • OMG Blue Nun, yes I do that wine vividly. I have not seen that in years, Is it still available? I’ll have to check next time I go into the LCBO :). There was a german riesling too which we used to drink all the time Hock???? or something like that. I cannot remember the name to save my life, do you recall that one too?

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