Rum Punch Part 2: Recipe for the passionate island tart

The ultimate sarong courtesy

As my regular readers may recall, I recently spent a little vacation time in the Bahamas, where I was treated to the first class bartending services of Sammy at the Cocodimama Hotel, for better or, on at least one evening, for worse.

Bad tourist behavior notwithstanding, the man gets up to some serious mixology and Mr. Slattern and I were delighted to make regular use of his sevices. We tried all manner of rum drinks, which used all manner of flavored rums. My personal favorite was the Bahama Mama. Now, Sammy makes a Bahama Mama without the aid of passionfruit juice and confines himself to white rum and coconut rum, and if you want to follow the original recipe just skip the dark rum and passionfruit juice and double up on the orange juice in the tarted up version of the recipe below.

My version, which I have christened the Passionate Island Tart, is a bit stronger and spicier owing to the dark rum, with a hint of tartness from the passionfruit juice. You can serve it over ice or if you’re really feeling that island spirit, tie on a sarong, drag out the blender, and throw everything in with some crushed ice. It will not disappoint.

Passionate Island Tart

Bevy of beauties courtesy hollywood

1 part white rum (Bacardi or some such)
1 part dark rum (such as Cockspur or Captain Morgan)
1 part coconut-flavored rum (Ricardo’s is good)
1 part orange juice
1 part passionfruit juice (I like Ceres brand)
2 parts pineapple juice
1 part grenadine syrup

Combine all ingredients except grenadine in a shaker and pour over ice in a tall, preferably shapely, glass. Slowly pour grenadine on top and allow it to settle. Garnish with fruits of your choice. Orange, pineapple and maraschino cherries strongly suggested.

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  1. Envious. Hope you had great weather and the resort was to your liking. The rum drinks sound wonderful.

  2. Wow, that’s sound good enough for me to go buy some rum.

  3. I’ll take the whole lot!!

  4. Hi Wendie:
    I shared your site with Tom, my kayak partner, who was also the guitar player with Kenji & Max & Chris. You might remember him from Bar 9. Anyway, his reaction was, “Wendie’s blog is funny as hell! Erma Bombeck on meth. Good stuff!” Thought I’d pass it on.

  5. Oh yum… I’ve been craving a little tropical getaway but until I hit that jackpot this might just suffice.

  6. Rum Punch one of my favorites…rum on everything is ok by me…Those island drinks…oh the memories…

  7. Looks so good, a perect breakfast drink

  8. Sounds amazing.

  9. Rum is yum, especially when I know I won’t have to do anything like breathing the next day. Your post took me back to the days when I enjoyed the odd rum and cola, later replaced by Capt. Morgan’s and soda.

  10. Now if I just had a warm beach to go with it…

  11. rum is good with anything

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