Pony fever!

GI Joe as styled by Barbie.

I’m a sports fan, and unapologetically so. I love it all, and provided Boston is playing (or someone — anyone really — is beating the Yankees), I will happily sit in front of the tube for hours while working my way through a handy pack, watching baseball, football, basketball or hockey and turning the air blue with a filthy stream of invective and smack talk. In truth, I’ve even been known to take in the final rounds of golf tournaments, various college sports and the odd tennis match. I do have some standards, and as such I draw the line at bowling (it’s the shoes) and NASCAR (it’s just, I don’t know… everything).

This year, however, owing to some pressing personal commitments I haven’t really been following the Olympics. Just not that into it somehow. I missed the opening ceremonies and the unfortunate American athletes in their Pepé Le Pew costumes. I missed Sir Paul whipping the crowd into a nostalgic frenzy. I missed the Queen with her silly pink hat and her mean mouth.

But Sunday after dragging my ass to the gym, I finally got the Olympic bug while slogging along on the elliptical, and here’s why:

Via Telegraph Co UK

Horses prancing sideways, top hats, formal dress and a big group of people who actually got ponies for their fourth birthdays! And it appears it’s all taking place at Downtown Abbey! I cannot get enough of the equestrian events.

Photograph: BPI/Marc Atkins/Corbis, via the Guardian

I am totally hooked. Or hoofed, perhaps. I can’t wait ’til the rodeo part gets underway — no one beats the US of A in roping and barrel riding.

Whaddya mean there’s no rodeo competition? No clowns? No bulls either? Not even a lasso contest? What a gyp.

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  1. If only there was a rodeo competition in the Olympics…I feel everyone in the world would dig that because it’s the Wild Wild West and who doesn’t like that? Plus it’s one of the few sports where animals can pull people’s arms out of their sockets and not get shot.

  2. I have to admit that I am extremely thankful for the lack of clowns–of all varieties, including rodeo. And, yes, the Queen always looks constipated, doesn’t she?

  3. I’m missing the Olympics. Listening to talking heads comment on gymnastics puts me to sleep. Anyway the Sox and the Mets are more interesting. This season, watching them play, is a perfect way to vent all the built-up anger and pissedoffednesss that an election year brings.

  4. In a distantly related story, this morning while traversing a lane-reduced highway, my son made this comment: “Wouldn’t it be cool if all these cars changed into ponies? It would be so cute.” I am pretty sure that I am going to apply this to every challenging situation in life, somehow.

  5. I had to ask when they actually start doing something, it looked like they were just warming the horses up having a canter about. But that was the event apparently.

    That’s the Royal Observatory masquerading as Downton Abbey, and Canary Wharf skyscrapers in the background where I was enjoying a free lunch on Sunday, mystery dining at a Mexican restuarant chain. It was weird, quite on a Sunday as I expect the area is buzzing midweek being the financial district, but still never felt like London

    • Is London having fun yet, Joe?

      • We did in the pub during the opening ceremony, numerous beers and sambuca shots fuelled that.

        It really isn’t as busy as I expected, my train to work is on the route to the Olympic site but it’s half as emoty as it normally is, I suppose with school holidays aswell and people feared the worst and evaded the trains meant it’s ok.

        My friends work in Soho and it’s no busier there too, so I dunno where all the visitors are hanging out between events. I live in Camden Town and that;s always busy, maybe tourists will come to the market this weekend then I’ll notice a difference.

        So as far as fun goes..I can’t relaly tell, we’re still looking like The Queen

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