Giada is BUSTED!

Giada admits she doesn’t eat. Told ya’.

At about 90 seconds into the interview, she spills (the teaspoonful of lettuce in) her guts to Chelsea Handler.

I have long maintained you can’t trust the food of a skinny cook. They don’t eat; they couldn’t. Witness Sandra Lee, who obviously lives on White Zin, canned peas and sweet guv love. In the unlikely event she does nibble a corner of that Kwanzaa cake, I have no doubt she runs for the ladies’ and gacks it up almost immediately. Come to think of it, who could blame her?

“Another strand of linguine? Heavens no. I’ll blow up like Ina.”

Giada, too, has always been suspect in my book. Some would say that even a normal size body would be dwarfed by a head that big, but I don’t think it’s merely a question of scale. She’s just plain skinny, and the only way to achieve that is by not eating.

I’ve tried a couple of her recipes, and they’re middling at best, though they do require plenty of effort (bonus!). This just doesn’t work for me.  Except as a weight loss tool. Clearly, however, it’s working for Giada.

So while you may mock Paula, Nigella and Mario, at least you can trust them to turn out food you want to eat. And you know you want to eat the deep fried cheesecake.

Ditto normal sized chefs. Jamie Oliver is trustworthy provided you can get over the lisp and the herbs (that’s right Joe Hoover, I said ERBS, not Herbth). Anthony Bourdain, though lean, gobbles steak and potatoes with relish, and Julia Child will always be the goddess of my prep station.

Sooner or later, we must all accept that weight loss comes from eating small portions of foods we only half like (or nothing at all), while skipping the ones we do. Just ask Giada.

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  2. The problem I have with Jamie O. isn’t just the lisp but the condition of his hair. People see his shows and want to try the recipe; I just want to jump in the shower and thoroughly wash my hair. It must be a Chinese thing.

    • It is a bit squiffy now that you mention it. Makes you think twice about lifting a fork at his place when he’s been running his mitts through that dog patch all day — not that I get invited all that often. Can you imagine what it smells like? A fetid mix of olive oil, anchovy paste and chicken fat with just a touch of fresh thyme would be my guess.

      (Are you getting email notifications, btw? WordPress can’t find any problems and suggests you unsubscribe, then resubscribe. Sorry for the hassle.)

  3. Ooooooh, you should totally do an expose on who eats and who doesn’t. I’m highly suspect of, what’s her name, Padma. She is too gorgeous and skinny to eat anything, ever.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    I guess all the calories go to her head to make more head fat. Ugh. I find these pretty and flashy TV chefs annoying. Who relates to them? Even if she were just tasting her concoctions, she’d still have to work out at least 3 hours a day to stay that scrawny.

  5. She is creepy. I once heard an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker where she basically warned women not to compare themselves to her, because, she said, she is a big star with a big budget for personal trainers, chefs, stylists, etc and that her lifestyle as such is completely different than that of the average woman. Giada comes off as a woman who is not being real. She works hard for that body, either as you mentioned by having an eating disorder, or by starving herself and being a compulsive exerciser. She makes me uncomfortable.

  6. The skinny chefs who cook up obscenely decadant meals have the old Dorian Gray picture stashed somewhere or have sold their souls to Graham Kerr. You didn’t know he was an agent for Old Nick? He’s been in his employ ever since he quit drinking.

  7. Ha! I knew it! I knew she was skinny but wow she looks emaciated in this clip. Yikes. I agree with you, skinny cooks are shady. I met and interviewed Paula Deen when she did a segment for one of the Food Network dream kitchen giveaways in Mystic, CT.She was a lot of fun to talk with and very down to earth. I’m pretty sure I’d eat just about anything she cooked…yes even though I’m sure it would be loaded with butter or mayonnaise 🙂

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